Our company is based in Angri , a small town located in the province of Salerno , a few kilometers from the Amalfi Coast and close to ancient Pompeii.

The art in all its forms is rooted here for centuries . We were inspired in the choice of our own name to a Pompeian house , the House of the Faun , villa full of ornamental mosaics found in the city buried by Vesuvius in 79 AD

The Mosaic

We have reinterpreted this ancient and valuable painting technique proposing it in your homes and in your gardens in the form of exclusive and fascinating table tops . We are inspired by the past in the creation of our designs , this choice of materials , to the future in the creation of the media.

We remain the only Italian company has always specialized in the production of plans, we focus our efforts solely on that. Not only aesthetic , but also long-lasting , and it is this that makes the difference, tables beautiful, fully exploitable, eternal.

Continued research and the incessant desire to improve the products have enabled us to achieve the current level of quality . Our manufacturing processes make it possible to create plans more than 50% lighter than traditional bonding of marble slab, also reducing the risk of injury , tears and detachments of the edges. Unpleasant situations that characterize precisely other types of construction, used by other manufacturers.

Our plans are perfectly water-repellent , oil-repellent , etc. The media used by us, of our own creation and exclusive, allows the creation of standard plans in one piece up to a size of 400 x 130 cm, with a specific weight of 58 kg per square meter and 3 cm thick.

Resistant to frost and sunshine, and do not require any special maintenance , just simply a good degreaser and water to bring it back to original luster. The transportation is easier and faster without undue concern.

So we make sure to deliver a final product to the customers fully exploitable , made ​​entirely by hand in Italy and workmanlike.

Il Fauno Mosaici tables are true works of artistic craftsmanship . Although they may be similar, each floor is always different from the other , just for construction.

The designs are made from time to time in pencil. The preparatory sketch , to lose , is composed of the main lines . The mosaic interpret the design - guide with the tiles , through its experience and creativity.
Important role is the choice of raw materials , primarily the various types of marbles that will be used for the composition.
The owners personally select the stones and marbles at the factory.

Il Fauno Mosaici marble uses only a 1 cm thick, polished or antiqued, these marble tiles, which are used primarily in applications of flooring and fittings.
In some tables are filled with lava stone tiles used ceramizzata.Questo noble material is glazed and decorated by our ceramists , subsequently undergoes a cooking in the oven at about 950 °.

The lava is frost- and acid-resistant ceramic coated, ensuring a high resistance to agents atmoferici .

From cutting to the decor , everything is made ​​by hand in our laboratory.

Il Fauno Mosaici handmade excellence for years in the field of marble and mosaic tables on the art of the stone.