Il Fauno Mosaici

About Us

Italian Firm manufactures of exclusive tables in mosaic of marble and decorated lava stone.

Our company was officially founded in 1999 with the name of "IL FAUNO MOSAICI" from the idea of ​​Beniamino D'Ambrosio, who comes from a family of decorators for several generations, including Grandfather, in the early 1900s, who for his ability was called "Mastu Giotto" who in turn inherited workers from even more ancient times. His father Aniello D'Ambrosio continues his art, who is a craftsman all his life until after retirement. Beniamino decides that the mosaics that before the time were made only on site, were possible to transfer to table tops and other creations. Together with his brother Giuseppe, he begins to experiment with the right resistant support for the outside, with low weight and low thickness, without the use of metals as armor back in 1992. With many tests and drawing on old knowledge and new materials that appeared in the construction field in that era, the IL FAUNO table was born, with several improvements over time up to the present day. The compositions of the tables pass over the years into the hands of women, with the wife Antonia, the sister Maria and subsequently the sister-in-law Massimiliana, with highly creative personalities, creating almost all the decorations that can be chosen.
From 2017 Beniamino, transferring experience, knowledge and actively participating in the processing, passed the baton to his son Aniello and founded "D'Ambrosio srls", continuing the tradition.
With the new company, the old production continues by adding the construction department of iron bases and chairs, (previously only commercialized) with the entry of new young people, including several cousins.

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Our team

Beniamino D'Ambrosio | Founder, Logistics

Mobile: 338 455 37 02

Aniello D' Ambrosio | Management, Logistics

Mobile: 338 127 63 29


Il Fauno Mosaici ha realizzato per noi diverse installazioni, tutte create ad hoc e messe in opera da esperte e sapienti mani artigiane. Siamo contenti del lavoro commissionato e della qualità delle realizzazioni per le quali i nostri clienti ci fanno molti complimenti. Grazie

Giorgio Morosini [Hotel Pompei]

I bought a mosaic plane of unique beauty for my garden. The real Made in Italy, hand made quality.

Josh Smith [Cliente, San Francisco USA]